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The Mountain Lakes Alumni Association is dedicated to serving all Mountain Lakes alumni by fostering a sense of togetherness, and promoting networking and communication among our community. Please contact us with any questions, comments or concerns you may have or if you’d like to get involved in any way. We are happy to accept any support offered to us.

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The Mountain Lakes Alma Mater

When all Mountain Lakers gather
It is never very long
‘Til we praise our Alma Mater
With a song
As we join our hearts together
Raise our voices clear and true
In allegiance to the Orange
And the Blue!

Where the echoes from the hillsides
Ring around the Wildwood shore
Dwell a host of friends we’ll
Cherish evermore
Though our paths may someday sever
We’ll recall the happy throng
That was bound as one together
In a song.


Sing! Sing! The Mountain Lakers’ song
To thee our loyal hearts belong
For no matter where we wander
Or wherever we may roam
We will always think of Mountain Lakes
As home.